Many people are facing rejection because of problem of baldness. These days young generation is facing problem of hair loss that results in baldness and hence are not admired by their life partners.


The important decision of marriage in India is taken keeping many criteria in mind. Out of them, the important ones are good looks and a decent job. Every individual desires for a life partner who is having good looks and is smart but with the problem of hair loss, many of them face rejections and distracts the behaviour of the individual as bald men look older in age. So, baldness is one of the most common hurdles in marriage that is faced by young men these days. The rejection can also happen in love marriage as your life partner might like you but her parents might reject you because of baldness and never agree for getting their daughter married to a bald person. The problem of hair loss can affect the physical and mental health of the person.

Hair loss problems with men:

  • They have to undergo emotional and social effects
  • Take treatments for getting rid of the problem of hair loss


Hair loss problems with women:

  • They feels less attractive
  • They are worried and weak
  • They feel shattered

The number of individuals facing problems of hair loss is increasing because of lifestyle and eating habits. All of this have a major impact on the growth and health of hair and thus make the individual look older in age. Rejection for marriage causes a mental pressure and thus affects the individual’s mental health. Hair loss in males is usually identified as patches on the scalp or complete baldness and have a direct impact on their personality and in case of females hair loss is basically hair thinning and does not have much effect on the overall looks. Therefore, males have to face more problems of rejection for marriage.

In such kind of cases, it is advised to go for a hair treatment at an early age only so that you can get married to the partner you desire for and have a secure future. In order to have a head full of hair, you must look in for options of hair transplant in Delhi at Eugenix and get the treatment at an affordable cost. We have a team of experts and hair transplant specialists in Delhi that monitors the problem of hair loss and provide you with appropriate treatment. We offer treatments for hair loss that includes medications, surgery, laser therapy and low cost hair transplant in Delhi.

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