follicular grafting hair transplant

A head full of hair plays a major role in defining a personality of an individual. Falling hair may be a chapter of concern for any one out of us. Don’t lose your heart as we have a solution to your thinning hair and receding hairline. Hair loss can be due to many reasons and the only safe and natural solution to this is a hair transplant. Many hair transplant techniques were developed over the times but follicular grouping treatment is the best and gives effective results.

Follicular group means having different groups of one to four hair terminals. Follicular unit transplantation offers the hair transplant expert the capability to transplant the maximum amount of hair with the minimum amount of non-hair bearing skin. This technique involves lesser recipient wounds and the healing is fast. The result of this technique looks completely natural.

The advantages of follicular grouping over other techniques are listed below:

  1. Less recipient wounds
  2. Fast recovery
  3. Less cost and thus affordable
  4. Time required is less
  5. Less surgical impact
  6. Due to the swiftness in the transplant procedure, the grafts are left out of body for a short period of time. This increases their survival rates.

In order to know more about this procedure you must speak to hair transplant expert in Gurgaon. Dr. Pradeep Sethi and Dr. Arika Bansal have many years of experience in the field of hair transplant and dermatology. The highly qualified experts along with team have helped many people to get back a head full of hair. Success and a natural looking hair transplant require strategic planning! This technique helps in saving hair in the donor area for future hair transplants and also is an innovative technique of hair restoration that provides wonderful results.

A long list of satisfied patients has put the Eugenix hair transplant clinic in Gurgaon in the top bracket of this industry. So; don’t waste your time thinking about the hair loss. Schedule an appointment today and allow us to take care of your hair loss problems. We can do wonders for your hairs in additional to the main hair restoration surgery. Instead of undermining the unit, follicular hair transplant process with its features will give you a better look.

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