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Most of the hair loss treatments are targeted for men so where should women go?

Men usually suffer hair loss, as they get older. Now days a man who is bald is not only socially acceptable but it is a fashion among men. Few celebrities have made bald sexy. On the contrary, hair loss in females  is still not socially acceptable and it induces a feeling of shame and loss of confidence among them. Women do not flaunt bald areas on the head; instead they hide them as much as possible.

Women experience hair loss throughout the scalp. They have thinning of hair all over their head. The cause of hair loss in women is because of genes. The genes affect the way body responds to male hormones (androgen). Excessive presence of androgen in hair follicles can reduce the new hair growth.

Factors That Can Cause Hair Loss in Women:

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Anemia
  3. Thyroid
  4. Stress
  5. Significant illness
  6. Medications like chemotherapy for cancer

It is very essential to know the cause behind the hair fall and the treatment should be taken according to that. At Eugenix few pre-tests are conducted to infer the problem and then the line of treatment is given to the patients. Dr. Pradeep Sethi and Dr. Arika Bansal are experienced skin specialists in Gurgaon. They have expertise in treating people with hair loss problems and have the best treatment for female hair transplant in Delhi. Hair transplant is one of the treatments of hair loss that is common and effective treatment. This treatment involves transplanting hair follicles from donor area to recipient area.

The experts at Eugenix also advise not to wear tight buns, ponytails and do other hairstyles that pull on your hair and causes hair loss. Also, keep your hair away from chemical treatments to have healthy looking hair. You can also ask the experts regarding eating of supplements that can provide extra strength to the hair and make them more healthy.

Do not keep yourself away from not taking the treatment by having preconceived ideas. You are definitely not alone in this problem of hair loss. We are there for your help at every step. Come and talk to us regarding your problem and we will provide you with suitable treatment. Schedule an appointment today to meet the experts. Eugenix has the best hair loss solution in India, feel free to book a consultation with our experts.