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The cost of hair transplant is an important parameter to know about when you plan for a hair transplant surgery. Hair is an important feature that helps in enhancing the overall looks of an individual. The individuals who suffer from hair loss have to face the loss of confidence in their social and professional lives. With the growing technology, it is now very much possible to get a head full of hair with the help of hair transplant surgeries. Eugenix offers hair transplant surgeries of high quality at very affordable prices. Hair transplant helps in giving you a natural hairline and the hair grows and feels like your normal hair. This entirely depends on the clinic and expertise of the surgeon who is performing the surgery.

Dr. Arika Bansal and Dr. Pradeep Sethi are well-known hair transplant surgeons in India. They have years of experience in performing hair transplant surgery with excellence and have many satisfied clients. They are hair transplant specialists in India. They are also a member of many reputed international organizations and have attended various international conferences that make them the best in the country.

The cost of hair transplant in India is very less as comparable to other countries. This is one reason people from across the world visit India for getting hair transplant surgery. They get personal attention from experienced doctors and the surgery using international standards of hygiene. Eugenix offers affordable hair transplant surgery. The cost of surgery also includes charges of medicine, anesthesia, the charge of surgery, OT charges and special assistance charges.

We are not the cheapest hair transplant clinic in India and we are also not the most expensive one as well. But, the services we provide are of high quality and you will get the best results in affordable cost. After all, quality comes at a price. Many times we end up implanting more number of grafts as promised to give that excellent look that one has always desired for.  We further assure that we will do the least damage to your donor area and will give you feather touch implantation. Eugenix uses instruments and equipment that are latest and our team has hands on experience on them. When you add all these together you will realize that what you pay will actually be a great investment for yourself!

Please call our patient coordinator or fill the online appointment form, to get an exact cost of your Hair Transplant surgery.