hair loss reason

No one can deny the fact of how good one feels when hair not only look good, but also feel good because of the inherent health. Whatever may be the length of your hair but to have a healthy looking hair is every individual’s desire and for this a good hair care routine is a must. It may be very tempting to try new hairstyles but on the other hand appropriate amount of nourishment is also required for that lustrous looking hair.

Hair has to undergo many stages of aging and proper care and attention is required to maintain them. Along with the care a good and nutritious diet plays an important role in this. A diet with the right mix of protein, iron and other nutrients can help improve the health, look and feel of your hair.

Hair loss can be due to many reasons like lack of sleep, pollution, hormonal changes, and ageing, lack of essential nutrients, illness and heredity. It is necessary to find the cause behind hair fall and treat them accordingly. If you are unable to identify it then you must consult an expert at Eugenix. With the health of experts you can grow hair faster  According to our experts, hair loss is mainly due to the three main reasons listed below.

Reasons for Losing Hair:

  1. Higher levels of DHT: The testosterone that is free breaks up into DHT. This binds the follicle of the hair and stops it from taking essential nutrients. The hair becomes thin and eventually falls off.
  2. Pseudo-oestrogen chemicals: The pseudo estrogen chemicals stick to the follicle of the hair and stops it from taking essential nutrients required for the growth in the same manner as the DHT does. Also, this seems to the reason for hair loss in obese men as the bacteria in fat cells produce oestrogen-like chemicals.
  3. Lack of essential nutrients: Hair needs a lot of nutrients to look healthy. An individual who lacks the essential nutrients may suffer hair loss problems. If zinc and copper together are missing then you might experience hair loss issues. Also, loss of hair can be because of lesser levels of iron in the body. When it comes to diet, your hair needs the same well-rounded diet that provides all the recommended vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed for good health. To know in detail the diet that needs to be followed, visit Eugenix Hair Sciences today.

In any instance where you experience Hair loss, a visit to a dermatological expert is the best way to find the real cause of the problem and then accurately address it.

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