Body Hair Transplantation

Body Hair Transplantation

We also perform body hair transplantation by harvesting body hair. This is required in patients who have sparse hair on back of scalp and in cases with advanced grades of baldness to provide more density. WE have also incorporated BHT in repairing cases of poorly performed past hair transplantation.

Hair for BHT is harvested from:

  • Beard
  • Chest
  • Armpits
  • Legs
  • Thighs


  • Hair taken from other body parts grows well on scalp. As most grafts have single follicle, they are utilized in reconstruction of hairline.
  • In patients where we are transplantation more than 5000 grafts, harvesting 600-800 grafts will facilitate us to provide higher density.
  • We can simultaneously harvest and implant grafts taken from body hair.
  • Can be implanted directly more easily than scalp hair: with transit time less than 1 minute (DHT)®


  • It may be more costly
  • More tedious
  • Body hair might not grow as long as scalp hair
  • Not possible to perform exclusive BHT to restore hair on whole scalp.

Our Motto

  • Plant more
  • Handle grafts carefully
  • Plant well

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