Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff is a commonly experienced condition marked by itchy and flaky scalp. Dandruff can be embarrassing and persistent. Apart from dry scalp the other possible causes for dandruff include seborrhoeic dermatitis (a skin condition that causes oily skin), sensitivity to hair products or shampooing your hair too much or too little. If the dandruff is persistent and unmanageable visit a dermatologist for dandruff treatment in Dehradun. The doctor may evaluate and prescribe oral medicines along with medicated shampoo.

Dandruff-treatment in gurgaon

At Eugenix your scalp will be thoroughly examined before writing down your prescription medicines to ensure comfortable dandruff treatment planned in accordance with the cause.

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hair transplant Dr-Pradeep-Sethi

Dr Pradeep Sethi is an internationally known dermatologist and a member of ISHRS. He is known for his research work in hair related conditions.

DrArika-Bansal skin specialist

Dr Arika Bansal is a renowned doctor who specialises in Hair Transplant and Hair Loss Treatment. She is one of the only 3 Indian members of ABHRS.