How to Treat Dandruff

Hair growth and texture mostly depends on the scalp conditions and nutritional factors. Like the the skin on other body parts, environmental and internal (body) circumstances equally affect the scalp. A dry scalp tends to shed small skin flakes that are not as oily as that flakes out from oily scalp, which are known as dandruff. Though it is rarely serious, the condition may be embarrassing and may occur due to different causes in individuals be it males or females. It may or may not improvise from daily lifestyle conditions and shampoo habits.

Dandruff-treatment in gurgaon

Eugenix offers a successful dandruff treatment in Gurgaon, Delhi and all over in India for the patients who barely benefit from regular shampoo. The doctor will advise you the best medications to easily get rid of dandruff along with a gentle shampoo most suitable for your scalp conditions.

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hair transplant Dr-Pradeep-Sethi

Dr Pradeep Sethi is a renowned dermatologist who is an alumni of AIIIMS. He is an expert hair doctor in Delhi NCR when it comes to any kind of hair related conditions.

DrArika-Bansal skin specialist

Dr Arika Bansal is a Gold Medallist and an Alumni of AIIMS. Her expertise in treatment of Hair and Skin conditions is widely known in Delhi