Causes Of Dandruff

Healthy hair is a result of good care habits. Shampoo over used or not used often enough, climatic conditions whether too cold or too hot affect the skin on the entire body including scalp. Dry or oily scalp leads to flaky skin called dandruff which is rarely a serious condition but results in low self esteem and embarrassment issues. The scalp skin needs special care to get rid of unfavourable conditions.

Dandruff-treatment in gurgaon

At Eugenix you can find best hair doctor in Delhi NCR for the comfortable and easy elimination of flaking skin making the hair more beautiful. Depending on your skin type, the doctor will recommend you oral or/and topical medications along with a medicated shampoo best suitable for your scalp. Dandruff is not contagious or severe condition but can improve the quality of hair and life.

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hair transplant Dr-Pradeep-Sethi

Dr Pradeep Sethi is a renowned dermatologist who is an alumni of AIIIMS. He is an expert doctor when it comes to any kind of hair related conditions.

DrArika-Bansal skin specialist

Dr Arika Bansal is a Gold Medallist and an Alumni of AIIMS. Her expertise in treatment of Hair and Skin conditions is widely known in Delhi and Gurgaon.