Doctors Vs Technicians in hair transplantation

Doctors Vs Technicians in hair transplantation

Hair restoration surgery is a team work where a surgeon and technician require to work in tandem and in a co-ordinated manner to achieve the best results in short duration. Thw hole team must strive to better themselves with every surgery. The quality of results improves with experience, dedication, knowledge, zeal to do better and use of high quality instruments.

Hair transplantation should be more doctor dependant than technician dependant as involvement of the doctor is proportional to the results of surgery. Technicians, eventhough well trained, will not be able to match upto to the abilities of the doctor who has studied for years and has theory to back his actions. Hence, ven when the same procedure is performed by doctors and technicians, the outcome of results produced by the doctor in terms of ggraft survival is always better than that of technicians.

Recently, an article was published by the ISHRS on the issue of carrying out the whole surgery by technicians. If technicians perform processes like injection, punching and harvesting is done by technicians, it would amount to an offence of negligence.

We wish to educate our patients to be aware of the person being involved in the hair transplantation. They should also know the success rate of the center. Success rate is directly proportional to the amount of time the doctor is involved in the surgery.

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