Does Every Baldness Needs Transplant?

No, definitely not. Not every baldness needs transplant. Technically speaking, transplant is not required for people with baldness grade 1-2 on the Norwood Scale. Basically, any advancing baldness can be controlled with the right medication and treatment when operated by an expert at the right time. The cause of baldness, stage of baldness, age of the patient and medical history also plays an important role in understanding which baldness can be treated  without hair transplantation.

Norwood Scale Grade 1: At this stage, there is absolutely no need of any transplantation as the amount of hair loss in minimal.

Norwood Scale Grade 2: People with advanced baldness can benefit from medication and  alternative treatment. There is no need for hair transplantation.  However, if the patient wishes to restore a full hairline, hair transplantation can be done for aesthetic reasons.


Norwood Scale Grade 3: People with grade 3 baldness are experiencing an increased speed of hair loss and make encounter severe hair loss in the next 5-7 years. PRP Treatment, Healthy lifestyle can help the patient maintain the hairline. One mega session of 1500-2000 grafts can restore a completely natural hairline in the patient.

Norwood Scale Grade 4: Frontal Temporal  Recession and presence of bald spots at this stage can be treated with at least 2 mega sessions of hair transplantations(1500-2000 grafts each). It is necessary to undergo hair transplantation from this stage on wards. If aesthetic requirements are not important, the patient can consider at least taking PRP Sessions to preserve remaining hair.

Norwood Scale Grade 5-7: Patients with baldness grade of over 5 need hair transplantation to restore natural hairline. The number of grafts and hairline designing can be best evaluated by an experienced trichologist in Bhubaneswar. The more delay the patient makes at this stage, the more difficult it becomes to restore a satisfying hairline for the patient.

Not all baldness needs transplantation. Early diagnosis and treatment can save the patient for relatively expensive hair transplantation in Bhubaneswar. If you are experiencing baldness, it is recommended, you must take the right treatment at the right stage. Adopting healthier lifestyle and practices can further improve your hair loss condition.

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