Do’s and Don’ts of hair transplantation

The problem of hair loss comes with age and is expected in many men once they reach a certain age. It is also seen in many women but the good news is that now there are many ways to take care of your receding hairline and get a head full of hair. Out of many of the ways one of the most famous and demandable treatment is hair transplant surgery. In this surgery the hair follicles from donor site is transferred to recipient site. The procedure is very much in demand and is showing remarkable results. So, it is important for the individuals who undergo this treatment to know about the dos and don’ts of this treatment for better results and faster recovery. Dr. Pradeep Sethi and Dr. Arika Bansal who are hair transplant specialists in Delhi lists the below mentioned tips that can be followed for effective results.


  1. Do have someone to drive you back home. The anaesthetic that is given to relieve pain during the procedure takes some time to wear off.
  2. Do follow and remember all the instructions that are given by your hair transplant doctor for postoperative care. This will help you to recover soon.
  3. Do save the number of the clinic in your phone so that you or your family member can reach them in case of emergency.
  4. Do keep the treated area clean and dry.
  5. Do take good care of the scar. You can apply the topical antibiotic cream that your surgeon might have prescribed to reduce irritation and swelling.
  6. Do take painkillers if you are in pain or discomfort post-surgery.
  7. Do take some time off from your work to rest.
  8. Do use an ice pack to reduce any bleeding or swelling on the first week.


  1. Don’t go in direct sunlight for few days after the surgery. If you have to go then wear a hat or cover your head.
  2. Don’t touch or pick the treated area.
  3. Don’t drink alcohol for first 5 days after taking the treatment.
  4. Don’t smokes for an entire month after the surgery as doing so can interrupt blood flow to your hair follicles.
  5. Don’t take steam or sauna bath for few days.
  6. Don’t exercise or do any sports activity at least for a week.

The total time to recover depends on person to person but it is advisable to follow strictly to what your doctor says. To learn more about the essentials for getting a hair transplant In Delhi then you can schedule an appointment with Eugenix. We will help you to know about the procedure completely.

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