Effect of Type of Water on Hair Loss

Hair Loss is one of the most common problem faced by people all across the globe. Major cause of hair loss includes androgenic alopecia, family history of baldness, stress, female pattern baldness, telogen effluvium, smoking etc.  As many people may be aware, the type of water our hair is exposed to can adversely affect our hair in many ways. People living in urban cities like Delhi and Gurgaon to those living in rural areas can experience hair loss due to the type of water they use. This doesn’t mean water is harmful for your hair. Our hair thrives in a moisture rich environment and water is one of the best ways to keep it clean and healthy. The quality of water and the products used on the hair can significantly affect your hair. The effect of shampoo, detergent or soap we use may vary depending on the type of water.


Some of the types of water that harms your hair and scalp are:

  1. Chlorine water : Chlorine, a chemical disinfectant and oxidizer, is widely used to treat water specially at swimming pools. As long as it is added to water in the right amount, it does not damage the hair. Exposure to Chlorine water for regular periods can cause dryness and hair loss.
  2. Hard water: Hard water is a major problem in Delhi and Noida. It contains high amount of magnesium, calcium, silica which can cause dryness, breakage and thinning of hair. It can lead to increase in dandruff and hair thinning by adversely affecting the hair follicle.
  3. Salt water: Salt water has a high affinity to moisture. When our hair is exposed to salt water like during a swim in the sea, the moisture is removed from our hair leaving it dry and brittle. This effect can lead to permanent hair loss. We must consider taking a deep conditioning to restore the moisture level of our hair post a swim in the sea.
  4. Desalinated water: For places that do not have sources of fresh water, water is generated through desalination of sea water. This is usually common in the Middle Eastern places and some parts of Europe who rely on sea water for their daily needs. The desalinated water also contains high percentage of Sodium and chlorine which can cause hair dryness and brittleness of the hair leading to hair loss.
  5. Rain water: Rain Water is considered good for hair wash and does not harm the hair in any form. However, when it comes down to urban areas especially Delhi NCR and Beijing where the pollution level is beyond permissible limit, rain water is deeply polluted and unhealthy. It is recommended to clean the water before considering using it. Harmful pollutants mixed with water is harmful for the hair and can cause hair fall and other form of irritation.
  6. Surface water: Surface water pumped from a river or lake is exposed to bacterial growth and pollution. It is treated with chlorine to make it healthy for use in day to day activities. This water may be harmful for the hair and lead to hair loss if the chlorine content is properly regulated.
  7. Ground water: Ground water is rich in certain minerals like Iron and magnesium which can cause lack of lustre in hair and eventual hair loss due to thinning. This water is widely used in rural areas that lack fresh water sources and in urban areas lacking sufficient water source.

The availability of good water is beyond an individual’s choice. However, by keeping good care of your hair, one can avoid hair loss and related problems. One must avoid using harmful chemicals and hard shampoos on the hair. If you are experiencing any form of hair loss, consider visiting an experienced dermatologist who can help you understand the main cause of your hair loss and give the best suggestion.

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