Is Excessive Styling Causing Hair loss For You?

Many people are unacquainted about the fact that over styling of their hair can cause problems of hair loss. This is one reason for why they keep on using the tools used for styling hair, rollers and harsh chemicals on their beautiful looking hair. People believe that styling will make their hair look beautiful and enhance their appearance but the fact is that they are damaging them to a great extent and thus results in thinning of hair. They even have a doubt that few styles will make their thinning looking hair look fuller. However, what they need to know is that too much styling is as bad to hair as using a harsh shampoo thrice a day.

Here, we are not only stressing upon using a hair dryer or a curler, but we also are gabbing about using various products like mousse, conditioner, harsh shampoos and serums that can weaken your hair every day. They might give your hair a shiny appearance but in actual they are making your strands weak in structure and composition.

All this will make your hair frizzy Soon, dull and lifeless and also becomes a hassle to be handled by you. The solution to this damage is not hair cutting as you will not stop using the products and harsh chemicals that will destroy you new growth as well.

Hair loss

Symptoms of styling hair loss

  • Excessive styling can result in extra hair loss. The hair will simply come out of its follicle and will detach itself from the scalp.
  • Yet, the greatest distressing consequences of styling your hair are seen when you find your hair breaking from the middle, which results in hair that is thin, weak and fragile.
  • The dull hair looks sad and if there is endless hair loss then the time will come when there will be hardly any hair on the scalp.

Testing for styling hair loss

  • In order to test for styling hair loss you need to hold all your hair in one hand and then pull them lightly from the other hand.
  • If it has bulbs of hair follicles in the end, it may not be because of styling.
  • However, if it does, it is time to give away all your products and tools of styling some rest and follow natural procedures for some time.

What can be done?

The best solution to this is to stop using the styling products totally. A hair dryer is as innocent as a heavy-duty curler could be. Don’t be unfair and simply pack them all away from your reach for a few weeks so that you can get your lustrous hair back. Along with this, make sure you eat a healthy diet and massage your hair with good oils.

There are many causes for hair loss as explained by Dr. Pradeep Sethi and Dr. Arika Bansal, who are renowned hair doctors in Delhi. If you have any queries related to hair loss treatment in Delhi, you can schedule an appointment with Eugenix or you can post your queries on our e-mail at

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