Interventional Therapy For Hair Loss


We are pioneers of the DHT® technique of hair transplantation. We use state of the art instruments to produce unparallel results. We plant upto 9500 grafts in a single sitting giving high density with a single procedure. We provide world class care in a friendly atmosphere.

Biologic growth factor therapy

Direct Hair Transplantation  therapy is similar to the widely known PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy. Blood is withdrawn and processed. Only the part of the blood rich in growth factors is taken. It is then fortified with peptides and injected locally into the area of hair loss.

Low level light therapy

We use red light therapy to increases hair growth. Light at wavelength 630-660nm stimulates the stem cells in hair follicle and also shifts the hair cycle into a growing phase.

Medical Therapy For Hair Loss

We evaluate the patients in detail and prescribed effective medications for treatment of hair loss wherever appropriate. The medications need to be taken for a period of atleast 3 months for the results to be apparent.

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