Follicular Grouping- An Innovative Step for Hair Transplant


follicular hair transplantHair is one of the major components of our personality. They attract the attention of people when they look at you. Hair loss has affected many people as a result of illnesses, cancer treatments or genetic conditions. Over the years, many hair treatment techniques are being discovered and developed.

Follicular grafting and single unit follicle transplantation have been the most popular hair treatment processes because they give your hair its natural look back again. A group Hair transplanted as a single graft results in superior hair growth and at the same time lessens the surgical damage and trauma to the recipient site.

So, if you are looking for hair transplant in Delhi that is effective in providing quick recovery, easy transplantation and is affordable for you then Eugenix offers a suitable solution of follicular grouping treatments. Dr. Pradeep Sethi and Dr. Arika Bansal summarizes the advantages of the hair transplant procedure of using natural groups for the hair transplant surgery as mentioned below:

  1. It results in much quicker hair transplant procedure as it saves time for separating each follicular unit and less time is required for their placement.
  2. During the dissection phase, hair transplant procedure prevents iatrogenic injury to follicular units.
  3. It lessens iatrogenic injury during placement phase because follicular groupings are not as fragile as follicular units because of more tissue attached to them.
  4. As this procedure takes less time, it allows the grafts to be left out of the body for a shorter period of time and increases their survival rates.
  5. The most important advantage is that it reduces the cost of hair transplant surgery and is there for affordable to the patient.

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages of follicular grouping, the technique of grouping of hair follicles can serve as a crucial tool in an expert hair transplant surgeon’s hands to create wonders through the hair restoration surgery!

Besides saving the hair in the donor area for the future hair transplants this innovative technique of hair restoration surgery provides you the results, which are just wondrous! You will need to contact your hair transplantation surgeon to have a better idea about this technique and how you can benefit from it.

Eugenix has a dedicated team of surgeons who have unmatched credentials and thus offers the best hair transplant surgery in Delhi NCR. Schedule your appointment today to get the best treatment at affordable prices.

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