Grey hair transplant

Grey Hair Transplantation refers to procedure of transplanting grey hair in bald areas. The age group at which patients undergo grey hair transplantation is usually above 40 yrs of age. Even patients in 6th or 7th decade undergo transplantation. GHT carries an inherent limitation of having less hair for transplantation owing to the aging and balding process. The technique in grey and black hair transplantation remains the same but grey hair poses more challenges.
These challenges are related to old age of the patient:

  1. Poor Donor Area – owing to old age and advanced grades of baldness, the donor area is not as robust as in young males.
  2. Low Donor Area Density – due to reduced density, a lot of skill is required to harvest graft in such a way that there will not be “donor area sparsening”.
  3. Diseases Related to Old Age – Diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular complications are more prevalent in old age. The surgeon must be aware on how to skillfully tackle them at time of surgery.
  4. White Graft and White Roots – This poses the biggest challenge as white roots are difficult to be visualized against the white background of scalp. . White roots are very difficult to be seen against the white background of hair tissue and scalp. A skilled experienced hair surgeon is required to transplant these hair without damaging the roots.

We have certain strategies to deal with the challenges of grey hair transplantation.

  1. Dyeing the grey hair – This make the hair more visible against a white scalp background.
  2. High quality instruments – Carl Zeiss loupes with high fine magnification alloes us to transplant grey roots without damage. Good LED lighting also facilitates the surgery.
  3. Increasing number of grafts – We combine FUT and FUE to harvest maximum munber of grafts.
  4. Age appropriate hairline– We need to create a higher hairline according to advancing age and thereby avoid a low hairline seen in young males which impart an unnatural look. A higher hairline will give a mature look and also help us in using available grafts judiciously.

By undertaking all the above measures, we are able to perform successful grey hair transplantation and also give our patients a young look with heightened confidence. For any other assistance ask our experts here

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