How to grow your hair faster

This is something that everyone who wants to have long hair would like to know. Everyone desires for long hair, as there are many different things you can do with the hair in terms of different styles and looks. It is not only essential to have long hair but also need to know how to grow them as fast as possible. Long hair is a sign of attractive looks and good health. It also makes an individual look younger in age. Below are mentioned few ways that can help you to grow your hair faster as advised by Dr. Pradeep Sethi and Dr. Arika Bansal who are a renowned hair transplant specialists in Delhi.


  1. Eat a balanced diet that is full of essential nutrients.
  2. Include a diet rich in iron, vitamin B, zinc and vitamin C. All of them play an important role in keeping the health of your hair good. More you take diet rich in all these essential elements the faster they will grow.
  3. Use conditioner every time you apply shampoo to your hair to nourish them and provide the essential moisture to them.
  4. Get your hair trims regularly to keep them healthy and away from split ends.
  5. Don’t apply shampoo every day as it takes away the natural oils of the scalp and thus leaving the hair dry and dull.
  6. Oil your hair regularly or apply a mask treatment weekly.
  7. Avoid chemical treatments as much as possible. They take away the nutrients of your hair and cause damage to them and thus stops the growth.
  8. Leave your cotton pillowcase and go for sateen pillows as it has soft surface and does not cause friction so there will be fewer tangles in the hair.
  9. Protein contains keratin. This is what hair is made of. Proteins play an important role in growth of hair.
  10. Fat is also an essential element for hair growth as it keeps vitamins in-line with your body and hence keeps hair healthy.
  11. Rinse your hair with cold water once you finish off with your shower.
  12. Don’t wrap your hair in towel for long time. It can result in breakage of hair strands.

There are many nutrients and vitamins that play an important role in promoting the health of the hair and help them grow faster.

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