Healthy Hair Habits

Healthy Hair Habits (H3)

Hair has an important role to play in our personality and self confidence. Long, healthy hair has become synonymous with beauty and good looks.

We have enumerated some life style choices which will help in maintaining and restoring hair:

Avoidance of junk foods:

Junk food contains carbonated compounds which are harmful to cell cycle and cell growth.

Avoidance of drinks (soft/hard):

Aerated drinks and alcohol causes premature ageing, premature greying of hair and induces hair loss/baldness.

Avoidance of hair oil:

Contrary to popular belief that hair oil is facilitates hair growth and makes hair healthy, it has been proven that oil promotes dandruff and induces hairfall.

Regular shampoo:

Keep scalp clean from dust and dirt is important for healthy hair. We recommend washing scalp on alternate days with a mild shampoo.

Green leafy vegetables:

They contain vitamins and essential amino acids with promote cell divison and growth.


Amla contains a plenty of natural form of Vitamin C (an anti-oxidant), which is non synthetic and readily gets absorbed into our cells. The natural form of Vitamin C helps in proper growth and maintenance of the hair. The fresh juice of 1 Amla daily, empty stomach in the morning is helps in regeneration of the damaged tissue.

Aloe vera:

Fresh aloe vera juice provides rejuvenation of skin and hair. It is also a natural anti-oxidant. Every day 5 ml of fresh Elovera juice keeps the skin as well as hair healthy and shiny.

Regular Exercises:

Regular exercise activates body metabolism. All the essential building blocks of body like aminoacids, vitamins and minerals get absorbed efficiently and gets utilised properly with the help of regular excercises. It improves general well being and also promotes healthy hair.


The meaning of Pranayam is control of breath. Breath is link between body and life. If the breath is controlled and regulated, it helps in the general well being.

If you have any questions related to hair and skin problems, ask our experienced hair doctor in Bhubaneswar.

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