Holistic Treatment of Baldness

Baldness is a condition that almost anyone experiences by the age of 60. However, Around 30%  of individuals start experiencing some form of baldness by the age of 30 and over 50% by the age of 50. It is equally common in both men and women. There are various reasons of baldness and the correct diagnosis can help you halt it.

Our hair doctor in Delhi, Dr. Arika Bansal, recommends that a timely treatment for any form of excessive baldness can be a great alternative to treatments like hair transplantation. At Eugenix, we believe in adopting a holistic approach for treatment of baldness. It starts with an extensive examination of your condition by our dermatologist and questionnaire to understand about medical history of the patient’s family and any other treatment that the patient may have undertaken.


The baldness is then graded on Norwood Scale for male patients and Ludwig Scale for female patients to help them understand their baldness in a scientific way. For patients at early stage of baldness and hair thinning, a carefully monitored medical treatment is recommended that includes FDA Approved Medications like Finasteride and Minoxidil which are known to stop hair thinning and restoring hair thickness to normal. Other medications are suitably advised depending on the patient’s medical condition.

Patient with excessive baldness may be recommended treatment like PRP which are proven to stop advancing baldness and restore healthy hair. However, for extreme cases of baldness, hair transplantation is recommended. The doctor would recommend how many grafts will be required to restore the required look to the patient.

If you are experiencing any form of baldness, it is recommended you visit a specialist at the earliest before it’s too late. Eugenix is a leading centre for  hair loss treatment in Delhi NCR and other parts of India. You can browse our website to understand about baldness treatment.

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