How Long Transplanted Hair Last?

Transplanted hair usually lasts as long as it would have lasted at the donor area. As a good hair transplant surgery includes using hair only from the donor area with permanent hair, it must last for a lifetime. Taking good care of your transplanted hair along with a healthy diet can ensure the longevity of the transplanted hair. The experience of the hair transplant surgeon performing the surgery is a very critical factor as he should have in-depth knowledge to differentiate between permanent and temporary hair.

To understand that let us take an example of Mr. Virender Sehwag, an ace cricketer, who had undertaken hair transplantation surgery. Due to the inexperience of the surgeon, the surgery was a failure as most of the transplanted hairs were taken from donor area which did not have permanent hair. This hair would grow initially but is lost in course of time (normal lifespan of temporary hair). It is equally important that the family history of the patient is carefully studied to best estimate how long the transplanted hair would last. Inexperienced Surgeons fail to evaluate these important conditions which lead to loss of time, money and effort for the patients.

The skin on the lower one third zone of the safe donor area is thicker and harder to incise. This donor area is particularly hard to utilize and requires special skill and knowledge. Inexperienced doctor may not be able to harvest these grafts which can be useful for a patient seeking hair transplantation in Delhi. As the angle of emergence is very acute in this region, lack of experience and skills can make it difficult for an inexperienced surgeon to utilize these hairs in the surgery. Gradual decrease in diameter of hair is also an important factor. People with thinner hair need more number of grafts compared to people with thick and curly hair.


The transaction rate is the damage that can occur during a hair transplantation surgery. Not all hair extracted is utilized. In inexperienced hands, the transaction rates are high due to lack of skill. The doctor performing the surgery in that case may be tempted to barge into the unsafe zone having temporary hair for more grafts. This would lead to eventual hair loss as in the case of Virender Sehwag.

At Eugenix, we believe in taking a holistic approach guided by scientific research with meticulous execution. After completing more than 1500 successful cases, our specialists, who have authored the revolutionary DHT Technique of hair transplantation in Bhubaneswar, have devised several manoeuvres to demarcate the unsafe zone (zone more likely to experience hair fall in near future). One of the simple and smart ways of doing it is wetting the occipital hair and careful examination from a little distance. This allows us to carefully determine which area is not safe for donating hair.

Your visit to the clinic is marked by a thorough examination of the underlying cause of your hair fall by our specialist who will inquire about your family history of baldness and other conditions before recommending what is the best course of action. Eugenix is the largest scientific hair transplant chain of the country and has evolved with time to provide exceptional results in hair transplantation at affordable prices with the use of technology and skilled surgeons. Now open in cities like Bhubaneswar, Dehradun, Delhi and Gurgaon, the centre offers easy access to world class hair transplantation surgery across.

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