How to Choose The Right Hair Transplant Clinic?

Choosing the right clinic for hair transplant in India can be a tough decision. Here are a few tips to try when choosing someone to make you look good.

Look for reviews of the clinic and if you find them negative, reject this option. Even if you find at least one negative review supported by photographs, step back, and this one can be you.

Internet is a big platform, if someone remained dissatisfied, he/she can always write something about it. If there are no comments at all, perhaps the clinic is abroad. Go to Google search engine and type: xyz hair transplant reviews. And then read them to base your decisions.

Pay attention to the date of establishment of the clinic. The older the clinic, the better. Accreditations with organizations like ABHRS and ISHRS ensure the quality standards and results are world class.

Also make sure they meet these criteria.

  • Highly qualified doctors – the leading specialists in Delhi should be chosen;
  • Great experience – Number of successful hair transplantation has performed over the years;
  • Enquire who will perform the actual surgery. At many clinics, the transplantation is performed by technicians who may not be qualified enough to perform.
  • Check how artistic and natural looking the results are.
  • Sparing technique and a very responsible approach to each patient;
  • Using the latest scientific technologies in the field of hair transplantation;
  • Striving to improve the technique of transplantation. What methods of hair transplantation are practiced in the center? If the clinic uses the best equipment for safe and gentle hair transplantation like MPCID, Robotic Implanters etc.
  • Ongoing commitment of staff to improve the health care and service.
  • Price Transparency

It is always advisable to do your research right before choosing a hair transplant in Delhi. Eugenix is the largest scientific hair transplant chain of the country. Visit one of our clinics to know more about hair transplantation.

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