Are you confused in choosing your hair transplant doctor?

How to choose a hair transplant clinic? So the question is given by everyone who has decided to do away with the problem of baldness forever.

A number of clinics, offers a huge number of methods of transplantation FUE, Strip, HFE, FUT, BFE, etc.

How to understand the proposed method?

It is important to know that modern types of transplants are only two – FUT and FUE. Different hospitals may have different names; it’s just a publicity stunt, and a desire to stand out. But rest assured they are one and the same.

Here below are some tips to choosing the right clinic for hair transplant in Delhi for you. Be a little clever in knowing the services, and commitment of the doctors and staff.

  1. Write a letter or an email to the clinic, see what kind of response, will you get. How quickly you get a response. And the answer was a template or an individual, because the same attitude will be toward you as a patient.
  2. Pay attention to the date of establishment of the clinic. Some clinics show that they are 50 years old or 30 years old. Truth is that invention of these techniques is not more than a decade old.
  3. Ask the consultant about the clinics, whether the clinic carried out its own research and develop and invented any new technology on its own. This will show you that the surgeon is highly qualified.
  4. Prices, It is very important that they be put in the public domain on the website of the clinic. If the price on the website is absent, forget this clinic ever! After all, no one can guarantee that there will be no extra/hidden charges. This clinic will not have any standard price and is not a standard clinic.

Mere transplantation is not the goal. You must research how good the results are before choosing the surgeon. Try to get in touch with previous patients to know more about the same. International Organizations like American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons and International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery ensure the results of the surgeon are world class and authentic. Do your research before making a decision.

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