Permanent Vs Temporary Hair Roots

Our scalp has two types of hair: hair with permanent roots and one with temporary roots. The permanent roots are resistant to effects of androgen hormones. These permanent roots are present on the back of scalp and either side of head. Hair on frontal area of scalp, crown and nape of neck are temporary. It is important to distinguish the temporary and permanent roots as only the permanent roots should be transplanted or else there can be loss of transplanted hair. Only an expert surgeon will be able to differentiate and also demarcate the area from which grafts can be harvested. Contrary to popular belief of hormonal imbalance being responsible for baldness, the exact causation is not completely elucidated. Testosterone is important for imparting male qualities and is also responsible for baldness. But why some develop baldness, while others do not, is not known.

Androgenetic alopecia (AGA) is a term used for male pattern baldness. In AGA hair in the frontal area gradually thin out and are eventually lost. The age of onset of AGA varies between 18-35 years. After the onset of baldness, it is difficult to predict the speed of loss and the severity as it varies between individuals. There is a genetic predisposition if other members in the family are affected. Also the pattern of baldness maybe the same amongst family members.

In hair transplant in Noida, the goal is to transplant the permanent roots to the frontal bald scalp. In case of scarcity of scalp hair, we can use beard and chest hair also.

While performing hair transplantation, utmost care must be taken by the surgeon to not transplant the temporary roots. It can result from over enthusiasm on the part of the surgeon . In a bid to harvest more grafts he might enter into the UNSAFE donor area. The area towards the vertex or nape of the neck is considered unsafe as the baldness is likely to progress to these areas also. Hence, hair in this area should not be grafted. If they are harvested and used, then the likelihood of shedding of these hair is high.

On an average, in FUE and DHT® technique, it is possible to plant a maximum of 2000-2500 grafts over a single session lasting 6-8hrs. If attempt to harvest more is made, then there is a high risk of entering into the unsafe area.

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