How To Prevent Hair Loss After Pregnancy?

The level of hormones in the body changes to a large extent after pregnancy and birth of a child. These hormonal changes can have an impact of the growth of the hair. At the time of pregnancy you will have a good volume of hair that would normally stop falling out but three months after the birth of the child, your hair will start to fall off. All the hair that did not fall at the time of pregnancy will fall off suddenly.

This is a temporary phase and will get off the way sooner or later. This is named as excessive hair shedding. This happens because of falling levels of estrogen. Many women see their hair return to its normal fullness one year after the delivery or sometimes earlier. If you are worried about excessive hair shedding then Dr. Pradeep Sethi and Dr. Arika Bansal who are well-known dermatologists, hair loss & hair transplant specialists in India gives the tips mentioned below for new mothers.

  1. Use a shampoo and conditioner that adds volume. These products add protein to your hair and make your hair appear fuller.
  2. Do not use shampoos that are labeled conditioning shampoo as they weigh down the hair and make you look limp.
  3. Use conditioner at the end of your strands. Applying conditioner to your scalp and all of your hair tends to weigh down hair.
  4. Try a new hairstyle that will give you a fuller look. Short hair also can be easier to manage, which can save time. An experienced hair stylist can help you to take a cut that suits your face and will help to manage your hair easily.
  5. Avoid conditioner that is labeled “intensive conditioners”. These are too heavy to use.
  6. Use conditioners that are to be used on fine hair. These will not weigh down your hair.
  7. Look for loose hair and gently unwind the hair so that it does not bother your baby.

People lose hair for many other reasons, and an accurate diagnosis is essential for effective treatment. If you still have queries and doubts or you want to know more about hair loss after pregnancy and ways to deal with it then you must schedule an appointment with Eugenix today. We have the best hair loss treatment in Delhi.

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