Pros and Cons of Hair Transplant surgery

Hair transplantation is a technique that is used to move individual hair follicles from donor site to recipient site. This treatment is majorly used to treat male pattern baldness. This can also be used in case of men or women who are experiencing hair thinning and baldness. Hair loss can be because of genetic factors and hormonal changes. In males, hairline gradually recedes and scalp visibility increases exposing bald areas usually at the top of the skull and in case of females, hair loss are because of hormonal changes and is more likely to be a thinning of hair from the entire head. Other reasons where hair transplant may be required are burns, head injury or diseases of the scalp. Dr. Pradeep Sethi and Dr. Arika Bansal are renowned hair transplant specialists in India. They summarize the pros and cons of hair transplant as listed below.

Pros Of Hair Transplant 

  1. This is the only technique of restoring hair that involves one’s own hair.
  2. The hair grows naturally after the implant and the color and texture is same as the normal hair.
  3. There are advanced techniques like DHT (Direct hair transplant) available which is no downtime involved and even the total time of surgery is cut down to almost 50%.
  4. This is a safe and completely natural method of hair regrowth. No special chemicals or medicines are used in this process that might damage your hair.
  5. One of the major advantages of this technique is that these transplanted hair are just as normal hair so you can take care of them simply as you do for your normal hair. You can cut, oil, wash, color and style them in the same way as you do for your normal ones.
  6. If you want a long term and permanent solution for your baldness then consider hair transplant surgery. It helps you get your lost confidence back.

Cons of Hair Transplant

  1. You must go for a hair transplant if you have a good health. If you are a candidate of Androgenic Alopecia then hair loss will continue even after the surgery. So, make sure you have a note of that.
  2. The process is minimally invasive and needs a local anaesthesia. The success of a transplant largely depends on the quality of existing donor area.
  3. Complete recovery might take few months so it is not a time bound treatment.

Apart from these cons mentioned above, one really need to look at the brighter side that this treatment helps in covering up the bald areas and give you head full of hair that needs no maintenance. It improves self-confidence and appearance of the person.

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