Stem Cell hype in Hair Transplantation

A lot of hype has recently surrounded role of stem cells in hair transplant, hence we will try to shed some light on it here. Our hair follicles contain some committed stem cells in the bulge area. These stem cells work in harmony with other cells of the hair follicles to sustain the hair follicle structure and preserve the normal hair cycle. It is however unknown to this day how these stem cells work and what are the factors that aid them.

In our own research facility, we have isolated stem cells with the help of eminent scientists and used them in the attempt to treat baldness. Unfortunately, none of the patients had positive results with this technique. World over, till date, no proven results have been achieved with stem cells.

Producing new hair with stem cells in equivalent to cloning. Hair cloning is fiction today. Stem cells solutions may help to reduce hair fall in a similar way as drugs like minoxidil at best. Many dubious advertisements are commonly seen on miraculous effects of stem cells. Here we attempt to raise awareness amongst patients not to be misled by such false claims.

On PUBMED (which is the online directory in medical research) no articles about stem cells in hair transplant can be found. This implies no scientific evidence of stem cell hair regeneration on human scalp has been published in the world!

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