DHT® Technique

DHT® is a more sophisticated version of FUE Technique that utilizes modern technology and scientific approach to achieve high efficiency. It is believed to be the fastest and most hassle free technique of hair transplantation across the world. DHT® technique was invented by Dr. Pradeep Sethi and Dr. Arika Bansal, after a lot of research into improving the efficiency of hair transplantation technique. The technique ensures high efficiency with shorter treatment, quicker recovery and minimal scar.

Research Paper

DHT® Technique has helped thousands of patients across the globe with excellent rate of success and impeccable efficiency. We have named it Direct Hair Transplantation because the grafts are implanted shortly after they are harvested. DHT Technique is one of the most efficient techniques of hair transplantation in today’s world. The technique allows remarkable reduction in transit time, improved graft hydration, maintenance of right temperature and minimal graft handling. The technique has a number of advantages over conventional technique and offers remarkable results with high success rate. Eugenix has to its name thousands of happy patients who have undergone hair transplant surgery in Delhi NCR and all over the world.

Advantages Of DHT® Over Traditional FUE/FUT

  1. As grafts are immediately implanted by no touch technique, the time spent out of the body is significantly reduced from 4-5 hours to few minutes. This facilitates graft survival.
  2. The graft is held through the shaft area projecting above the skin surface only by a special patented instrument, thus the chances of damage to the root is obviated.
  3. The overall duration of surgery is reduced by more than 40-50% .
  4. The chance of graft survival is increased to almost 100%.
S.NO Point Of Difference Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Direct hair Transplantation (DHT)®
1 Point of Difference Extraction of grafts slit creation plantation Slit creation extraction of grafts and simultaneous plantation
2 Transit time: time for which grafts remain outside the body 3-5 hours Few minutes
3 Survival Of Grafts 80-90% 98-100%
4 Chance of graft damage Present Absent
5 Root handling Slight Nil
6 Storage solution Required Not Required
7 Surveillance by doctors Less All important steps done by doctors