Triggers of Hair Loss and Baldness

The hormone Dihydro Testosterone (DHT)® causes male pattern of baldness. Hence, any male can become bald, thanks to the hormone in their body!

This hormone in necessary in males as it leads to typical masculine features such as muscularity, beard hair, male voice and libido.

There is a strong familial inheritance of baldness ie the chances of one being bald are much higher is his/her parents or grandparents are bald. The age at which male patterns baldness appears has reduced in recent times, while previously it was usually seen in patients older than 40, now we see many patients in their twenties. We have had patients as young as 8 years of age showing male pattern baldness. Our extensive experienced trichologists offer extensive treatment for hair loss and baldness.

Baldness is a problem that is plagued man since the most ancient times, however now the age of onset is reducing.

Factors that increase risk of hair loss

Lack of exercises,
Improper diet (reduced intake of green leafy vegetables),
Long working hours and sedentary jobs,
Lack of daily routine,
Junk food,
Aerated drinks,
Adulterated food,
Unhealthy lifestyle.

We strongly advise changes in lifestyle to avoid the above factors, in order to reduce hair fall and prevent baldness.

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