Hair Loss Types

Anagen Effluvium

What is Anagen Effluvium?

Anagen effluvium is a hair loss condition in which the hairs are not able to grow even being in the anagen phase which is a growing stage for hairs. This can be the result of the following:

An environmental factor inhibits the division of hair cells or blocks the required enzymes from converting into the steroids which are necessary for the process of keratinization. After this environmental shock the hair becomes quite brittle. Thus it breaks away with minimal effort. Rather than shedding at the root as normal hair, the hairs which get impacted by anagen effluvium break off at the hair shaft by their own.

Anagen effluvium can be acute or chronic if the hair loss occurs for more than six months or persistently then it is known as a chronic anagen effluvium which is has been reported mostly in women. Anagen effluvium can occur on all parts of the body but the loss of scalp hair only is indicative.

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