Extreme Baldness Hair Transplantation Treatment

Hair Transplantation in cases of extreme baldness

Patients with higher grades of Norwood Scale usually suffer from poor donor area and hence it is very difficult to achieve high density. Our surgeons specialise in cases of extreme baldness with some of the most promising results. Our technique, experience and skill allows us to create good density results with limited donor availability.

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Better late, than never

It is always smart to get hair transplantation before it’s too late. We recommend patients who consider hair transplantation as an option to undertake surgery while they are still on grade 3 or 4 as it is possible to conserve the maximum hair while minimising the cost. Our surgeons use the revolutionary DHT technique of hair transplantation which can help you make the most number of grafts from the donor area without affecting the aesthetics.

Use of beard and body hair

We have perfected the art of using beard and body hair smartly for which we are acclaimed by hair transplant surgeons across the world. Our surgeons are hence able to provide maximum density of the transplanted hair while still providing a natural look. We have used beard hair in over 1000 cases and have had tremendous success. If the beard quality is good, the patient can still groom a beard as we harvest grafts mostly from the lower section of the beard.

Inventors of DHT technique

Remember do you research, you probably would not get a second chance

At Eugenix Hair Sciences, over 30% of the patient are people who have had a bad experience with hair loss treatment and hair transplantation before. We do our best to create natural results for them using the available donor area. For extreme cases, once the donor area is damaged by an inexperienced surgeon, it becomes almost impossible to give desired results. We strongly recommend our patients to do their research and only choose a surgeon who is experienced.

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