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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Introduction to Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

FUE is a hair transplantation method which involves taking the individual follicular grafts from the back of the head. Follicular grafts are cut one by one through a small specialised machine and are removed. This process is tedious and takes a few hours to complete. However it is painless.

In this procedure each graft is harvested each at a time with small 0.8 and 0.9 mm punches. They then generally heal as basically untraceable dots in the scalp.

FUE is an advanced version of hair transplant though it is quite a simple one. It is done with suction like method in which individual grafts are removed from the scalp. There are no cuts involved this surgery and thus sutures are not required. Thus this also means that there are no scars left on the scalp. However, it is slightly time consuming method. This surgical procedure is most suited for the people who have lesser area of baldness and lesser number of grafts are needed.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for FUE?

FUE is suitable method for the following people:
  • FUE is appropriate for people who have lesser areas of baldness.
  • People who desire to wear shorter hair styles.
  • People who have active lifestyles like sportsmen, etc.
  • Women who have lesser areas of baldness
  • People who like less invasive surgeries and do not want stitches, cuts on the scalp
  • People who want to have faster recovery.

What is the Procedure for FUE?

The donor site and the recipient sites are separated. If the donor site on the scalp is not able to provide sufficient grafts then other parts of the body as beard, legs and chest can be considered. The hair grafts are then extracted from the donor site one by one. The hair grafts are then implanted immediately into the recipient site. The procedure is simply invasive and leaves no scars behind particularly when done by an expert. Moreover the healing time is less and people are able to return back to their routine lives in no time.

Following are the steps involved in the procedure of FUE:
  • Step 1- Firstly anesthesia is given to the pain so numb the pain.
  • Step 2- Then the slits are made in the recipient area in which grafts hairs are to be placed.
  • Step 3- Grafts are extracted from the donor are as back of the scalp, chest or beard.
  • Step 4- After the creation of site in the recipient area the hair are transplanted into the slits. This step is the most precise part of this surgery.

What are the Advantages of FUE Method?

Following are the main advantages of FUE method:
  • This process of hair transplantation does not involve cuts or stitches.
  • The recovery time in this type of hair transplantation is much faster.
  • There is no linear scar visible therefore you can fulfill your desire to wear shorter hair as you want.
  • As there are no cuts or sutures involved thus there are very less chances of any infection in the recipient or donor area.
  • The donor area can really broaden beyond the scalp as grafts can be extracted from the chest, beard, arms and legs.

Comparison Between FUT and FUE

  • In case of FUE there is no linear scar in donor area whereas in FUT linear scar remains visible especially in case of people who wear very short hair.
  • People who undergo FUE recover much faster as compared to those who have undergone FUT.
  • The tiny holes made in FUE heal in much a shorter time than the linear FUT-strip scar.
  • Tiny holes made in FUE do not widen on strenuous exercise whereas with FUT-strip scar, strenuous exercise can lead to the scar widening.
  • There is less post-operative discomfort after FUE in the donor area as compared to FUT.

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