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Hair loss is male is one of the most common problems in today’s time. People as young as 20-22 years old experience extreme hair loss due to lifestyle issues and insufficient care. Hair loss in males can be treated without the need of hair transplantation if the right care is taken at the right time. We never recommend hair transplantation unless it is the best option available or if the patient desires a particular look which is not possible otherwise. We have helped over 3000 male patients with hair loss treatment in Gurgaon.

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Causes Of Hair Loss

The most common cause for hair loss in men is androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. There is recession of frontal hairline and thinning of hair in the top of scalp. It is usually associated with family history of baldness.

It is slowly progressive noticed at late 20’s or early 30’s. But, in recent times this pattern has been noticed at an earlier age as well. There is no underlying hormonal abnormality, any dietary deficiency or other correctable causes which cannot be stopped. Our hair loss doctors specialise in treating all kinds of hair related conditions. There are other causes of hair loss mentioned here.

More and more men are balding in their 20s

Over 40% people suffer baldness by the age of 35. Hair Loss if treated at the... we have a' Save existing hair first' ideology and strive to restore hair with

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Hair Fall

Everyday people experience hair fall and it is totally scientific to experience that.

Hair Loss

This can be hereditary or due to any of the causes of hair loss. If the hair loss is severe, it is advisable to see a doctor. Several treatment options can arrest hair loss.


Baldness is when the scalp starts showing up due to excessive hair loss. When needed, hair transplantation may be recommended. Initial stages of baldness can be controlled with the right treatment options.

Hair Thinning

Hair Thinning is when the hair starts thinning due to a variety of factors and the density appears to be decreased. There is increased hairloss associated with this condition. PRP and other treatment is highly effective.

Right Diagnosis. Right Care.

Eugenix Hair Sciences is the largest scientific hair transplant chain in India. Led by two of India’s most qualified Hair Transplant Surgeons who have excelled in the field of hair transplantation. Eugenix offers unmatched results in hair transplantation cases with the use of superior technology and DHT technique, a modified and improved version of FUE technique. At Eugenix Hair Sciences, Dr Pradeep and Dr Arika, authors of DHT Technique, endeavour to provide a unique experience to the patients and keep them informed and comfortable at all times. Team Eugenix strive for science, ethics, innovation and excellence in their work .

At Eugenix Hair Sciences, Dr Pradeep and Dr Arika, authors of DHT Technique, endeavour to provide a unique experience to the patients and keep them informed and comfortable at all times. Team Eugenix strive for science, ethics, innovation and excellence in their work .

Medical treatment in the form of minoxidil lotion and finasteride can halt the progression of baldness. Effects last for as long as the treatment is taken. Hair transplantation can restore hair in the area of hair loss though the progression of hair loss is unaffected by this treatment. We use both of these treatment for patients at our Gurgaon centre for Baldness treatment and have achieved a great deal of success.

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Norwood Scale of Baldness

This is the most popular and the most widely used classification for male baldness. Dr. O’tar Norwood published this classification in 1975. This classification entails two major patterns and also several less common ones. There are two main areas of hair loss: bitemporal recession and thinning over the crown. Hair loss in these two areas increase as baldness progresses leading to coalescence until front, top and crown are entirely bald. On careful evaluation by an expert, you may be categorised under one of the grades and appropriate treatment may be prescribed.

Class I

It does not indicate balding but represents an adolescent or juvenile hairline. It rests on the upper brow crease.

Class II

It indicates progression to adult or mature hairline located at 1.5cm above above the upper brow crease. There is accompanying temporal recession.

Class III

Is the earliest stage of male hair loss. It is characterized by a deepening temporal recession.

Class III Vertex

Vertex represents early hair loss in the crown

Class IV

Is characterized by further frontal hair loss and enlargement of vertex. There is still a solid band of hair across top separating front and vertex.

Class V

The bald areas in the front and crown continue to enlarge and the bridge of hair separating the two areas begins to break down.

Class VI

Occurs when the connecting bridge of hair disappears leaving a single large bald area on the front and top of the scalp. The hair on the sides of the scalp remains relatively high.

Class VII

Patients have extensive hair loss with only a wreath of hair remaining in the back and sides of the scalp.

Baldness Treatment in Gurgaon

Hair Loss does not do any harm but the psychological impact can be very difficult to handle. It can lead to anti-social lifestyle and hence affect the patient in many ways. At Eugenix, we offer a holistic approach to baldness treatment in Gurgaon. Our dermatologists from AIIMS, New Delhi specialise in the treatment of baldness for males and offer effective and efficient treatment options.