Hair Transplant Specialist & Hair Transplant in Dehradun

Dehradun features one of our oldest hair transplant centres. Our state of the art centre offers best hair transplant in dehradun along with comprehensive treatment for hair loss and other skin conditions. Our dedicated team has helped over 2000 patients with their hair restoration in Dehradun.

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Our Hair Transplant Clinic in Dehradun

Eugenix Hair Sciences is the oldest and most trusted dermatology and centre for hair transplant in Dehradun. The clinic offers quality care and hair transplantation by some of the most experienced hair transplant surgeons who are internationally certified and known for their skills. The doctors at Eugenix are one of the best hair transplant specialists in India who aspire to offer the best hair transplant experience to the people bringing about a change in their lives. Our clinic, located in the spectacular Himalayan town, offers b best hair transplant in Dehradun through DHT Technique which is an advanced technique of hair transplantation which takes less time and graft survival rate is around 98-100%.

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Hair Transplant in Dehradun

Eugenix is out of the best hair transplant clinics in Dehradun. A small delightful hill station, Dehradun is the foremost city where Eugenix was first brought in. The place is full of life and nature with the utter serenity to indulge in the peacefulness of mind. Dr. Arika Bansal is the people’s favourite dermatologist & hair transplant specialists in Dehradun due to her adept understanding of skin and hair essentiality.
Eugenix is amongst the few hair transplant clinics in India to perform the treatment with DHT technique using the apt most instruments, Carl Zeiss loupes, Carl Zeiss led lights and Cole punches for the highest efficacy. The comfortable furnitures and ambient design of the clinic adds to the comfortable procedure for the patients to revel in.