Hair Loss is one of the most common problem experienced by both males and females, irrespective of their age. The right treatment provided at the right time can help you avoid treatments like hair transplant. Hair Loss Treatment can be best provided only after a comprehensive diagnosis of the condition. Depending on the degree of hair loss and patient age, our trichologist may recommend a suitable hair loss treatment in Delhi.

If you are looking for an effective hair loss treatment, you might want to consider knowing the cause of your hair fall before choosing the treatment. Cosmetic products and salon treatments are meant for normal hair and do not consider the underlying cause of the hair fall. Once diagnosed, medical and surgical treatments specifically designed for individual patients is recommended by our proficient dermatologist.

Introducing revolutionary DHT technique of hair transplant in Delhi

Hair Transplant is the most natural way of getting your hair back. The treatment uses healthy grafts from donor area to cover bald areas. Eugenix Hair Sciences offers one of the best hair transplant in delhi with artistic and natural looking results.

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Hair Transplant in Delhi

Taking the science of hair transplantation to the next level, our hair transplant doctors create artistic results utilizing hair from donor area, beard hair and body hair with maximum efficiency. Based on your age, ethnicity and facial features, our surgeon design a hairline for you understanding your goals and expectations. Over 3000 patients have chosen Eugenix Hair Sciences for hair transplant in Delhi.

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DHT Technique

Though hair transplant is a popular procedure, there are very few centres in Delhi that offer quality hair transplant with artistic results. FUT Technique, practised previously is not recommended because of scarring issue. Our trichologists invented Direct Hair Transplantation(DHT) technique in 2012 which improvises on the popular FUE method to produce better and more efficient results. The technique features simultaneous extraction and implantation allowing least out of body time and transection rate. The procedure is practiced by hair transplant surgeons worldwide.

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"We have had outstanding success in hair transplantation with over 3000 happy patients across the globe"

Why choose Eugenix Hair Sciences For hair transplant in delhi?

Eugenix Hair Sciences is the largest scientific hair transplant centre in Delhi NCR. We believe in total transparency and offer assistance in estimation of grafts and expected results. Our surgeons are members of international organisations like ISHRS and ABHRS who follow a very strict norms for quality and service. Eugenix is the only centre approved for hair transplant observership for fellow dermatologists by IADVL. We specialise in cases of extreme baldness, redo of failed FUT/FUE surgery, female hair transplantation and special cases. We are most highly reviewed and rated centre for hair transplant in Delhi NCR.

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