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Eugenix Hair Transplant Sciences is India's best hair transplant centre with an excellent track record of artistic and persistent results. With over 3000 successful cases, Eugenix is one of the most sought after centre for hair transplantation by patients from all across the globe. Our mumbai centre offers designer hair transplantation that is customised to meet your expectations.

A truly world class team

Dr Pradeep Sethi and Dr Arika Bansal are the inventors of DHT technique(published in 2012) and No Root Touch technology which is widely accepted by hair transplantation surgeons worldwide. The centre has stringent quality standards and a dedicated team of technicians with vast experience of different types of hair transplantation cases like Grade 7, female hair transplantation and hair transplantation revision.

The surgeons are diplomates of American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons( ABHRS) and active members of ISHRS. The team has been invited as faculty across ISHRS and other international conferences for their excellent research and innovation in the field of hair transplantation.

Revolutionary DHT technique

Direct Hair Transplantation(DHT) technique is the most advanced technique of hair transplantation which involves the ingenious process of simultaneous extraction and implantation. The technique is the most modern modification of the popular FUE technique. Invented by hair transplant surgeons of Eugenix Hair Transplantation, the technique has the best graft survival rate, no visible scarring, minimum downtime and highest patient comfort.

  • Excellent Success Rate
  • Grade 7 Cases
  • Optimum Hair Density
  • Optimum Hair Density
  • Beard Hair Extraction
  • Beard Hair Transplantation
  • Designer Hair Tranplantation
  • Hairline Design
  • Female Hair Transplantation


The revolutionary DHT technique invented by Dr Sethi and Dr Bansal is the epitome of science in the field of hair transplantation. With unmatched graft survival rate, this technique is now practised by hair transplant surgeons across the globe.

Why Eugenix Hair Transplant Sciences
is the hottest destination for hair transplantation in the world?

Dedicated Team

Eugenix has the largest team of dedicated hair transplant doctors and technicians with vast experience of over 120 million grafts

Great Hospitality

Eugenix Hair Transplant Sciences is renowned for its great hospitality, quality of service and end to end travel assistance team to help you with the travel and bookings.

Internationally Recognised

Associated with organisations like ABHRS and ISHRS, the standards followed at all Eugenix centres are beyond Industry standards.

Hassle free Services

The centre has a holistic approach making the patient experience comfortable, transparent and scientific

Our mumbai centre is now open


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