Hair Loss

How is Hair Loss in Women Classified According to the Ludwig Scale?

The Ludwig Scale classifies female pattern hair loss into following three types:
  • Type I: In this stage, hair loss is said to be mild. Many women are not able to notice the hair loss as the frontal hairline remains comparatively unaffected. Hair loss in this stage occurs on the top and front of the scalp. Hair loss at this stage is noticeable if hair is parted down the center of the scalp as more scalp will become visible over time.
  • Type II: Type II hair loss is moderate. In this stage, women can notice thinning, shedding, decrease in volume and a center part which widens over time continuously. Based on the severity, a hair transplant process can be the best option for women who are classified under Type II.
  • Type III: Type III is the final classification of female hair loss. In this stage, hairs are so thin thus it has difficulty in camouflaging the scalp which makes it visible to the naked eye. This can be worsened by certain factors as hair miniaturization, extensive loss and progressive thinning.

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