Hair Loss

How is Male Hair Loss Diagnosed?

Usually male pattern baldness is diagnosed depending on the appearance and pattern of the hair loss. Along with physical examination, medical history and family history of hair loss also play an important role in the diagnosis.

Following are some of the tests that will help to diagnose the male hair loss:
  • Pull Test: In this test, your doctor will gently pull several dozen hairs (around 60) to observe how many hairs come out. This test helps to determine the stage of the shedding process.
  • Blood Test: Your doctor may advise you blood tests to reveal medical conditions related to hair loss like thyroid disease.
  • Scalp Biopsy: In this test, samples from the skin are scrapped to determine whether an infection is causing hair loss.
  • Light Microscopy: In this test, hairs are trimmed at their bases and examined under a microscope to look for any hair shaft disorder.

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