Female hair Loss is different than male baldness

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Female Hair Loss

Hair loss amongst women can be a major cause of concern because of the aesthetic value associated with hair amongst women. The female pattern of hair loss is different from that of male pattern. Women generally, experience thinning of hair over the mid-frontal scalp with relative sparing of the anterior hair line. There are different causes of hair loss among women and correct diagnosis forms the quintessential part of the treatment. Eugenix Hair Sciences is the leader in female hair transplantation and hair loss treatment for females in Gurgaon.

Introducing Pain-free PRP Treatment for females

Eugenix Hair Sciences offers advanced PRP treatment for the treatment of hair thinning and initial stages of baldness for females. Our innovative technique uses Nitrous Oxide to ensure there is no pain in the treatment while our special kit gives much results than conventional PRP treatment.

Ludwig’s Classification for Females

Type I

Hair loss is mild.Early thinning that can be easily camouflaged with proper grooming. Type I patients have too little hair loss to consider surgical hair restoration.

Type II

There is significant widening of the midline parting and visible decrease in volume. Hair transplantation may be advised if the donor area in the back and sides of the scalp is essentially unaffected.

Type III

A thin, see-through look on the top of the scalp. This is often associated with generalized thinning.


If medications provide little help in curing hair loss, a combination of hair transplantation and medication can be the best plausible solution. Our success rate with PRP treatment for women along with medication has been outstanding. Women respond to hair transplantation differently from men. When needed, we have helped a lot of women with excellent results in hair transplantation. It is always advised to seek expert advice before considering female hair transplant in India.

The advent of follicular unit transplantation has now made it possible for women to undergo hair transplantation and achieve a natural look with good density.


Many products which claim to be effective may not work for everyone. Each individual is different and without the right diagnosis, the wrong treatment can have adverse effects. Share your hair care regime with the doctor during consultation.

Correct and early diagnosis along with a scientific treatment plan can help in effective hair loss treatment

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