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Mesotherapy is the procedure which is used to convey the medication blends that includes the vitamins, amino acids and/or minerals to the top layers of the skin. The procedure was at first created in France and has been being used subsequent to the 1970’s. Throughout the years the procedure has increased across the board acknowledgment in Europe and Asia. The idea driving mesotherapy is to convey the required dynamic fixing straightforwardly into the objective zone, staying away from systemic reactions.

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Fine needles are utilized to put the dynamic fixing externally in the skin (3 mm profundity ordinarily) and this should be possible physically or with the guide of a ‘meso-weapon’. Despite the fact that a needle is included, there is next to no agony or seeping amid the technique and the utilization of cream based anesthesia makes the system a great deal more agreeable. For patients who are fearful of needles, there is the choice of Mesoporation, which includes utilizing powerless electrical streams to incidentally make the skin more permeable, in this way permitting the dynamic infiltration of the fixing. This strategy is sans agony, and does not require any sort of anesthesia or desensitizing. An average session takes around 30-40 minutes.
Implantation of grafts is technically challenging. The grafts have to be held gently with fine forceps and inserted automatically into holes made in bald area. It is critical to place the grafts closely without damaging tissue, which requires skill and patience. Hence, this is considered the most technically difficult aspect.
FUT technique has to be used in certain cases. Usually mega sessions of over 5000 grafts is possible with FUT technique. People with very high degree of baldness may require combination of FUT/FUE/DHT technique.

Inventors of DHT technique

The major disadvantage of this technique is that there is a visible linear scar on the donor area which can affect the aesthetics of the donor area.

The Process

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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Follicular unit transplantation is also known as strip harvesting. Follicular unit refers to hair follicle and surrounding tissue. Each unit can contain 1-4 hairs and exit scalp from a single point. In FUT, a strip of skin is taken from the back of scalp by the surgeon and the two edges are sutured. Under the microscope, dissection of follicular units is done from the strip of scalp. These follicular units are then implanted in the balding area after making slits.


Direct Hair Transplantation (DHT)

DHT® is a more sophisticated version of FUE Technique that utilizes modern technology and scientific approach to achieve high efficiency. It is believed to be the fastest and most hassle free technique of hair transplantation across the world. DHT® technique was invented by Dr. Pradeep Sethi and Dr. Arika Bansal, after a lot of research into improving the efficiency of hair transplantation technique. The technique ensures high efficiency with shorter treatment, quicker recovery and minimal scar.