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We have limited donor area and it is important to make the of it.

The quality of the results depend a lot on the skill experience of the hair transplant surgeon. it is equally important to get it done at the right time as losing time can affect the donor area and aaggreviate hair loss problem. The final outcome of surgery depends upon the skill, knowledge,sincerity,hard work aand compassion of the doctor.

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Hello friends!!!

This is Ashish Joneja, 37 years, Pharmaceutical businessman,from Daryaganj, Central Delhi.
Like many of you I had the irony of baldness. After a good amount of hardwork I could establish myself in my non familial Pharma business. Like any young man I chased my dreams of establishing my name amongst the top names in my field. I am a social person who wants to enjoy the company of relatives, friends, partying with pals. While I was busy in establishing my business, I started loosing my hair from frontal head which gradually progressed. I tried many things including all types of head massage oil, Ayurvedic stuff, Finax tablet, Minoxidil lotion and many indigenous things. Very soon I realised that in my case nothing is working and the baldness is progressing at it’s will!
I sought many consultations for this hair issue. I was prescribed medicines and advised to go for Mesotherapy and other treatments. All the efforts used to rouse some hope in me but later alas! Everything proved to be futile.’

After tired of everything I lost the hope of getting my hair back. Gradually I put on weight and became regressive in my social circle. Even though every thing in my life was ok; good business, beautiful kids, caring wife, blessings of elder brother, bhabi and parents, there was something that I was lacking in the depth of my heart and mind.
In the meantime my cousin brother started reading about hair loss treatments for his baldness. He read a lot about hair transplant procedures in the net. Also find many clinic for hair transplant in Delhi. He realised that hair transplant results vary a lot depending upon the expertise of the treating doctor. He passed on the information that FUT is a cut technique and now better techniques are available. Even my common sense said to me that the end result depends upon the expertise of the doctor.