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Your beard looks well on the head too

To create natural results with the perfect density, good donor area is very essential. In cases of extreme baldness (Norwood Scale-6/7) where the donor area is affected, it becomes extremely difficult to create good results. Our doctors specialise in using beard and body hair for creating better density with artistic results.

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Smart Use of Beard Hair

Beard hair is hard and coarse, but it can be used smartly to improve density. For people who have good beard, we harvest 500-1500 grafts from the beard area and sidelocks and use it intelligently to increase density. Our doctors specialise in using beard hair on various parts of the scalp area producing natural results. We use the ring block design to carefully evaluate how many grafts can be extracted without affecting the look of the beard.

Inventors of DHT technique

Inventors of DHT technique

We have used beard hair in over 1000 cases of hair transplantation

  • 2cm behind the hairline
  • Other areas of the scalp
  • Very minimum use on crown area for density

Your beard still looks great

Most of the leading hair transplant surgeons are not able to provide the desired density due to inexperience in using beard hair. Our surgeons have mastered the use of beard hair giving you the added advantage of maximising the density of hair on the scalp without affecting your beard. Facial hair is in trend and most men will never allow the surgeon to extract their beard hair. Our surgeons understand the kind of facial hair the patient desires to keep post surgery and evaluate how many hair can be extracted safely. We ensure there is no pigmentation or scarring and there is excellent cosmesis of the beard donor area


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